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Selling photos across agencies

April 2, 2018
by Michael Jay Fotograf

What are concepts in stock photography and how to use them for success?

While in recent years, “authentic” seems to be the preferred buzz word in stock photography, there is another one that always sounds important but is kind of hard to grasp: Concept! It can mean so much or so little, depending … Continue reading

September 22, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf

Stock Image Stats: Views and Sales

Since some agencies show the number of  “views” to contributors, there regularly is a discussion about that number and it’s relevance. My usual answer is: That’s only something to keep you busy thinking but in reality doesn’t matter a lot. … Continue reading

DSLR, Mirrorless and Smartphone cameras

May 29, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf
Comments Off on What camera do you need to shoot stock images?

What camera do you need to shoot stock images?

What camera do you use? I’m reading this question quite often. Both in general photography groups but also in stock photography groups.  Let me tell you what I use to shoot images. But if you are really interested in the … Continue reading