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24 days of Christmas – day 24, the special one

Now as this is the final day of my free giveaways as part of my “24 days of Christmas” advent calendar, it will be a special one:

I am giving away 4 hours of my time. Dedicated to YOU and YOUR photography.

For a total of THREE people out there, I will set aside up to four hours of my time to do a personal coaching. Depending on your needs and wishes, we will arrange the time and topics of that coaching. We can discuss topics on the phone or – more likely – set up an internet connection with screen sharing, so we can actually do some digital work together.

The topic could be mostly anything photography related, from

  • How to get the most out of your camera (or your smart phone)
  • Efficient workflow in Lightroom
  • Developing and process a few of your images in Lightroom and Photoshop with you
  • A portfolio review of your images where I will try to point out how you could improve
  • Actually if you happen to be in Berlin in 2016 (or if it just so happens that I’ll travel to the city you live in), we could even meet in person and shoot together for a few hours

We will figure out how to use the time best depending on your current level and your goals. We might do this is in a single four hours session or split it up into two or four sessions. You see, I am very open in how to make the best out of this time for you.

If you feel that four hours of focused learning time is something you could use, here is what you have to do:

Everyone who enters this on either of my international or German page before the end of January 7, 2016 will be eligible in a draw. I will show a video of the draw and announce the winners on my Facebook page in the days after January 7, 2016. We will then try to figure out a time and way that suits both of us.



PS: You can still download the files from day 1 – day 2 – day 3 – day 4 – day 5 – day 6 – day 7 – day 8 – day 9 – day 10 – day 11* – day 12 – day 13 – day 14day 15 – day 16day 17 – day 18day 19 – day 20day 21day 22 – day 23

PPS: I obviously appreciate if you like or share this and/or follow me on Facebook. I am also happy for every follower on Instagram. 🙂

* On day 11, I had a draw for a shopping gift card; for logistical and legal reasons, this was only held on my German page. Sorry. 😉

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