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EyeEm: Distribution by Alamy – And Change to Non-Exclusive

As sent out today by EyeEm to their contributors, Alamy will be added as the second distribution partner for their EyeEm Collection. In a second major step, EyeEm confirmed what has been rumored for some time: The exclusivity requirement for the Getty distribution has been cancelled, the EyeEm Collection is now completely non-exclusive for contributors!

Email sent out to contributors

Email sent out to contributors

Alamy as second distribution partner after Getty Images

As announced by email today, the EyeEm collection will soon be distribution through a second partner, the well known English agency Alamy Ltd. Alamy has a strong standing in some markets, particularly in the editorial environment. It also offers a variety of royalty free, rights managed and rights ready images, and is known to accept non-exclusive content of any kind. Its image library contains more than 60 million images. Alamy has already sourced mobile content through their Stockimo app in the past.

Until now, the EyeEm collection was exclusively distributed through Getty Images. The EyeEm Collection at Getty Images contains more than 850,000 images up to today. Potentially every image submitted to EyeEm can be chosen for the EyeEm Market, and a hand selected subset of images is being chosen for the distributed EyeEm collection.

All images in the collection must be qualifying for Royalty Free collections, meaning they can not show unreleased content like people without model releases or brand names and protected designs.

Exclusivity requirements has been voided

Maybe the more important message: With the announcement, all images will now be non-exclusive in the EyeEm collection. This grants the rights to photographers to distribute their images through different channels. The change is also part of the new distribution agreement that is now online for contributing members of the EyeEm Market and needs to be agreed upon again. The images preselected for the EyeEm collection are those already contained in the Getty Images collection.

It will most definitely help me with my #mobilestock experiment: In the past I struggled to upload images to different apps or choose them for exclusive distribution with EyeEm/Getty. With the low level of overall sales (but the decent royalties for each sale) this was a tough call to make. I really love this change.

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