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Selling photos across agencies

ShutterTalk, ShutterWalk and Pixel.Power

I haven’t had a lot of time for blogging recently. The main reason is that I keep getting work requests from different agencies and I can’t say I’m too unhappy about that. 🙂

The most exciting news is this:

I have been asked to hold a presentation on stock photography (mostly directed to new starters) in Berlin next week. The event is hosted by Shutterstock and called ShutterTalk. It’s free and open to all but registration is required through the site.

The second event as part of the Creators Tour will be a photo walk in one of the developing areas of Berlin, Prenzlauer Berg. The ShutterWalk will be limited in participation, so if you are in Berlin or know someone who is, please register as quickly as possible.

And finally another presentation: Shutterstock also asked me to present stock photography to the participants at Pixel.Power in Vienna, Austria, at the end of May. I have no fixed schedule yet but am looking forward as I have never been to Vienna before.



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