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Stocksy is live, I missed it

For three months I have longed for the new image agency Stocksy United to go live, and when it happened, I missed it: As it happens we had our long planned “spring” vacation with loads of snow in Luxembourg the week before Easter. The weather certainly wasn’t what we hoped for when we arranged a big family vacation with grandparents, uncle and grandaunt for a week in a beautiful landscape for hiking.

Hiking through Luxembourg in a snowy spring

The mix of green moss, brown leaves and white snow put a magic touch to our hikes in Luxembourg

While we were enjoying playing games in the warmth of our bungalows or freezing outside in the snow, people in Victoria were working hard to get Stocksy off the feet.

On Monday, March 25 the website went live to the public with more than 100 photographers presenting their best images, among them the mere 50 images I have in my portfolio.

Teenagers in the forest

Teenagers in the forest

As you can see, we had Stocksy in our mind when we were out there. I will have to try harder to focus on images that go beyond what I used to shoot for microstock. Real people in real sceneries, giving a more authentic look to the images.

I am afraid, the teenagers won’t let me use the images without photoshopping some pimples out of them, though. It can’t be too authentic. 😉

Michael Jay Shooting in the Forest (Image © Maartje van Caspel)

Michael Jay Shooting in the Forest (Image © Maartje van Caspel)

I am also very blessed to be the partner of one of the most talented stock photographers – who unfortunately still is bound exclusively to the Getty group by existing contracts and our needs to provide for our family. We have high hopes that Maartje will be joining the forces of Stocksy in the future, though. Part of our hopes still is our direct selling platform Stocksnippets which provides quite the opposite of the Stocksy imagery. In our dreams, client would go to snippets  when they need some little elements for their designs while Stocksy will provide the key imagery to their campaign. 🙂

So, while I missed the official launch, I will not miss doing the best to share the word about Stocksy. We are convinced it will make a difference to the market for all photographers, no matter if you are involved with selling your images right now or not.

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