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January 4, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf
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Tax Forms W-8BEN at Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Fotolia or Dreamstime

Every contributor faces this at the start, and many will have received a new message to renew it these days: The tax forms at the big US based microstock agencies. So let’s have a quick look at how to fill them out. But sorry, just let me tell you from the start, I can not give individual advice nor can I comment on how to fill out the form for people from non-treaty countries nor for contributors who are working in corporate entities. This article is just a help for those who are allowed to submit the W-8BEN form, those who are a single person coming from a country with an existing taxation treaty. I am no lawyer, I am no accountant, I am not tax consultant and simply won’t comment on individual questions on this, sorry. 😉


Finding the Tax Center at Shutterstock below the Earnings menu

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December 30, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf

Stock photography and me in 2017

Party streamers hanging from top, celebration image for New Years evening

In the last few days, I published a list of my best selling images in 2016, and a very detailed look back at how the year went for me. Now let’s take a look forward to what I plan to do in 2017.

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December 29, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf
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End of 2016, a look back

Notepad with pen on slate background with frame of golden and silver stars, Christmas decoration.

As many people, I am using the week between Christmas and New Year’s to take a look back at the year and make plans for the next one coming. I have already done so at the end of 2015, end of 2014, and at the beginning of 2014.

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December 28, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf

My best selling images in 2016

In recent years, I decided to not publish overall numbers anymore. Still I often get asked to share at least some revenue details, and I have decided to occasionally publish image sales or royalties made from series and sub sets of my portfolio. I also showed a lot of examples with detailed sales numbers in the book I have published in September (see the link on the top right).


Now I have also decided to show the five best selling images in 2016 including the royalties I have made from them: Continue Reading →

October 27, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf

6 other places to sell your photos online


There have been some discussions about the possibilities we as photographers and stock photo contributors have when agencies make changes to our disadvantage. I often hear “well, we don’t have much choice, do we?”, sometimes hidden behind other reasoning. Well, while I still do business with a lot of agencies that I don’t like or don’t find worth supporting, here is what we all can do: Support platforms that offer a different approach. Those that pay more. The ones asking higher prices. There isn’t much we can do about more and more people trying to make money from the images nor change the fact that today almost everyone owns one kind of camera. But we can spread our wings and find out for ourselves if other places out there might offer a better deal for us. Continue Reading →