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February 22, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf

New iStock/Getty ESP sales reports are the least transparent report you will ever see

“Increasing transparency” was what Getty Images announced in their second unification newsletter for iStock on November 15 of last year. Now the first report is available in their ESP system. You can download it as PDF which in my case is 28 pages; or you can export it “as a text file that can be imported into your favorite spreadsheet application”. I did this and got a spread sheet with hundreds of lines an 54 (!) columns. It doesn’t break up properly into a spread sheet because Getty is not capable of using a common format like “comma separated values” (CSV).

New iStock Sales Report as PDF

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February 2, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf
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Shutterstock “testing” new price plans

In a forum post, Shutterstock has announced they are “testing” (a rather common way of saying “introducing”) new price plans for some of their customers.

The new packages come in between the customers who are only occasionally shopping for images and go for an image pack and those who will use images almost daily and are better off with the subscription packages. From a market point, this offer somewhat makes sense as measure of customer retention.

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January 8, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf

Sales List at Shutterstock with Locations

In a few groups I saw people posting screen shots of their latest sales at Shutterstock, listing them with locations. As this looked cool, I looked for how to do that. Two contributors have taken the effort to write Greasemonkey scripts which read out the world map data Shutterstock provides.

Sales as list with regions thanks to Greasemonkey scripts

So let’s have a closer look at how this works.

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January 4, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf
Comments Off on Tax Forms W-8BEN at Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Fotolia or Dreamstime

Tax Forms W-8BEN at Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, Fotolia or Dreamstime

Every contributor faces this at the start, and many will have received a new message to renew it these days: The tax forms at the big US based microstock agencies. So let’s have a quick look at how to fill them out. But sorry, just let me tell you from the start, I can not give individual advice nor can I comment on how to fill out the form for people from non-treaty countries nor for contributors who are working in corporate entities. This article is just a help for those who are allowed to submit the W-8BEN form, those who are a single person coming from a country with an existing taxation treaty. I am no lawyer, I am no accountant, I am not tax consultant and simply won’t comment on individual questions on this, sorry. 😉


Finding the Tax Center at Shutterstock below the Earnings menu

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December 30, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf

Stock photography and me in 2017

Party streamers hanging from top, celebration image for New Years evening

In the last few days, I published a list of my best selling images in 2016, and a very detailed look back at how the year went for me. Now let’s take a look forward to what I plan to do in 2017.

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