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I get regularly asked which images are selling best these days in microstock. Honestly, I don’t have a realistic answer to this question. My own sales are obviously biased by the images I upload. Then again, I have decided to put my best images towards premium collections for the last year or two, so my microstock experiences are limited to the more simple imagery I put up there.

So, I prepared this gallery of best selling images at Shutterstock. At least this should give you an impression what sells. Not surprising with the portfolio I have, there is a lot of images isolated on white in this gallery. Despite its bad reputation in the market these days, designers obviously still need isolated elements and purchase those images on white background. They are not great photos and won’t bring you fame and riches but they provide a solid stream of downloads.

I am not sure how much you can read out of this. But since there is less and less information available on the public, any piece of sharing might help, doesn’t it?

Best Selling Images at Shutterstock

Best Selling Images at Shutterstock



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