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My #EyeEmPaid in 2017

May 4, 2017
by Michael Jay Fotograf

I made $1,254.93 in four months with #EyeEmPaid, do you want to know how?

I have been writing this blog for four years, I have mentioned EyeEm a lot of times but so far I did not have a single article dedicated to them. That’s something totally uncalled for since they turned out to … Continue reading

December 28, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf

My best selling images in 2016

In recent years, I decided to not publish overall numbers anymore. Still I often get asked to share at least some revenue details, and I have decided to occasionally publish image sales or royalties made from series and sub sets … Continue reading

January 7, 2016
by Michael Jay Fotograf
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EyeEm: Distribution by Alamy – And Change to Non-Exclusive

As sent out today by EyeEm to their contributors, Alamy will be added as the second distribution partner for their EyeEm Collection. In a second major step, EyeEm confirmed what has been rumored for some time: The exclusivity requirement for … Continue reading

October 21, 2015
by Michael Jay Fotograf
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The Mobile Stock experiment continued

Two weeks ago, I decided to test the waters in “mobile stock”. What I call “mobile stock” is any kind of image licensing platforms that are mainly supplied through apps on my iPhone (or Android phones, of course). So let us take … Continue reading