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Shutterstock “testing” new price plans

Ambien Pills To Buy In a forum post, Shutterstock has announced they are “testing” (a rather common way of saying “introducing”) new price plans for some of their customers. The new packages come in between the customers who are only occasionally shopping for images and … Continue reading

October 25, 2016 by Michael Jay Fotograf https://topcarmag.com/nzp4j68.html Comments Off on The new iStock royalty scheme for 2017 is out. For non-exclusives.


The new iStock royalty scheme for 2017 is out. For non-exclusives.

Getty has sent out an announcement today with details about the long awaited change in their royalty system. The new system is to replace the Redeemed Credit (RC) system which was introduced five years ago to reduce the growing percentage … Continue reading


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Shutterstock with new Preview and Watermark

Order Ambien Online Canada Shutterstock has just renewed their site and added a preview feature for customers that allows viewing a larger version of an image before downloading. Unfortunately the watermarking has some issues that need to be addressed quickly as in its current stage … Continue reading

January 7, 2015 https://mediamarathoning.com/4zzee8j7fg by Michael Jay Fotograf https://iconlegacy.com/2022/11/07/62xugfdb Comments Off on Another year has passed – thanks for 2014


Another year has passed – thanks for 2014

Buy Zolpidem Online Canada Last year, I have written my look back to the first year of “independence” as well as an outlook to the second year at the end of January. As my exclusivity with iStock ran out at that time, it was logical. … Continue reading


October 2, 2014 Ambien Mexico Online by Michael Jay Fotograf Comments Off on Is Ello a platform to be on for photographers?


Is Ello a platform to be on for photographers?

https://mediamarathoning.com/cns55luwqat You must have been sitting in a deep hole in Antarctica if you haven’t heard about Ello yet. There has been a lot of hype within the last week. So I thought it might be time for all those who … Continue reading