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December 29, 2016 https://pfmsg.com/67dcf0o1jxq by Michael Jay Fotograf https://apliquick.com/03js6r715 Comments Off on End of 2016, a look back

End of 2016, a look back

http://thefridaycyclotouriste.com/?p=5u9374fcy As many people, I am using the week between Christmas and New Year’s to take a look back at the year and make plans for the next one coming. I have already done so at the end of 2015, end … Continue reading

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December 28, 2016 by Michael Jay Fotograf http://thefridaycyclotouriste.com/?p=5r3pp3970u Comments Off on My best selling images in 2016


My best selling images in 2016

https://neatshows.co.uk/5xowpbkdk In recent years, I decided to not publish overall numbers anymore. Still I often get asked to share at least some revenue details, and I have decided to occasionally publish image sales or royalties made from series and sub sets … Continue reading

December 29, 2015 by Michael Jay Fotograf https://purehempbotanicals.com/ljlnf2jt4x Comments Off on End of 2015 summary

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End of 2015 summary

https://apliquick.com/687zrg6kch I haven’t written a lot about the progress of my stock image portfolios in 2015. Many things just turned into being part of my regular daily life, it didn’t feel worth writing about. But since I had written a look back … Continue reading

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January 7, 2015 http://freshisthepodcast.com/894gfptkfj3 by Michael Jay Fotograf https://neatshows.co.uk/lcgih95rmzv Comments Off on Another year has passed – thanks for 2014


Another year has passed – thanks for 2014

https://minitrends.com/ngcmyhpsf Last year, I have written my look back to the first year of “independence” as well as an outlook to the second year at the end of January. As my exclusivity with iStock ran out at that time, it was logical. … Continue reading

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