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24 days of Christmas – day 10, advent calendar of free downloads

I missed yesterday’s post, mainly because this is the first one that required translation. 🙂

Today’s giveaway is a check list I compiled for myself after having forgotten the charging devices for my camera batteries when traveling last time. Thanks to all the friends I have everywhere, I was able to borrow a charger but I do not want this to happen again. So I am going to keep a printed copy of this in my camera bag, hoping I will find it when I start packing for the next shoot or travel. I hope this is helpful to some of you.

In case you would add some additional things or corrections, please comment here in the comment section or on Facebook. I may publish a version 2 of this at a later stage. 🙂

To download the images, just right-click and save them – or click on them to see them large and save from there. Feel free to use the images in both, personal or commercial works. I don’t require attribution or a link back (though it is always nice, of course).

The only condition is that you can not upload and offer those images for download elsewhere, not for free nor on stock libraries.



PS: You can still download the files from day 1 – day 2 – day 3 – day 4 – day 5 – day 6 – day 7 – day 8 – day 9

PPS: I obviously appreciate if you like or share this and/or follow me on Facebook. I am also happy for every follower on Instagram. 🙂


Click this link to open and save the list as a PDF:

Photoshoot-Checklist in PDF format

Or right click this image to save it as a PNG image:



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