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Five months, 50 posts, and now…

I have started this blog at the end of January, shortly after dropping my crown as an exclusive contributor at iStockphoto. In roughly 20 weeks I have published almost 50 posts, from sales reporting to agency reviews, agency related news and personal feelings.

I do this because I like to write. And I like this because I believe in the internet as an open medium for everyone to profit from the experience of others. I don’t do it for honor or satisfaction nor do I make significant amount of money from the referral links if that is what you think.

And I can have a look at my Dashboard showing stats which of my posts are being read most often – to my surprise, the review on GL Stock Images I have written has been the most popular article so far. Lesson learned, I will spend more time writing about each of the agencies I am supplying to in the near future, so far I have only managed to review Shutterstock as well.

Also, from the number of views, it appears you are actually reading and maybe recommending to your friends when I write about changes affecting many of us which are not publically announced, like the changes around Yuri Arcurs and the multi-contributor Globalstock account.

Overall, I am very happy to see that the number of posts being read has risen from some 20 or 30 a day in February to a solid 80-100 views each day at the moment – with some days peaking at several hundred views when interesting news come out like this week. 🙂

But I would be happy to provide even more, even better experiences, “insights”, personal thoughts, whatever you would like to read and recommend to others. If you have an idea what topics I could cover besides the ones I already do on a regular basis, I am happy to listen and do my best to be a valuable source for your own considerations. Just drop me line in the comment fields below each article or on my Facebook page if you like. Or feel free to comment on this or any post.

Thanks for reading this and all the other stuff I write. 🙂


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