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Hand drawn sketch: Old man at desk computer

Hand Drawn Images on Stocksnippets.com

While I showed a couple of my images available on different agencies, in this post I will show samples from a very special collection only available at Stocksnippets.com for the time being: The hand drawn line art images by Max, the amazing teenaged artist living in our house.

Hand drawn computer icons

Hand drawn computer icons – available only at Stocksnippets.com

The collection of hand drawn images available on Stocksnippets is growing quickly with Max sitting down every now and then and keep drawing for hours. Each time we look at the results we are amazed by his level of creativity and the speed he comes up with both ideas and the drawing itself.

Peach climbing skyscraper - available stock image at Stocksnippets.com

Pear climbing skyscraper – image at Stocksnippets.com

The range of images reaches from useful backgrounds and design elements to ridiculous and funny creatures.

While sometimes it is obvious, in many cases we have no idea how he comes up with his brillant takes on reality or fantasies.

We hope you will appreciate his artwork on Stocksnippets as well as wherever his career will lead him in the future. I think it is safe to assume that he will always be able to make a living somehow from this kind of work.

For the time being, we keep him for ourselves and let him go through his teenage years and education and stay proud to present his most usable line art drawings on Stocksnippets.com

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