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Half Time Summary for 2014

https://soundmethodyoga.com/2022/11/07/lqhf5np947d The end of June also marks the half of the year. We have left winter and spring behind, enjoying the summer (if the weather is nice wherever you are) and the FIFA World Cup (if you’re into football). For stock … Continue reading

Toddler taking a bath, by Michael Zwahlen, available in the SMART Collection at Westend61

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Westend61 launches true smartphone image collection

https://neatshows.co.uk/5etuehgo My German macrostock agency Westend61 has just announced the formal launch of its newest collection: Images taken and processed with smart phones! Say hello to the SMART Collection. Well, this is not the first time an agency is making a … Continue reading


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New Year, New Post, New Goals

https://apliquick.com/bg9z5thyfe My first year as an independent stock photographer is coming to an end One year ago, I have waited for my exclusivity at iStockphoto to run out. I was in the process of preparing my existing images for uploading to … Continue reading

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Setting goals for the second half of 2013

https://minitrends.com/bsvwm5xqpx The first half of 2013 has passed, and so did the first half year of my independence. I have summed up my experiences of those six months in a separate blog post last week. Now it’s time to draw some … Continue reading

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Submitting to a macro agency

https://satanismylord.com/9jyzc9rs It has been three months since I signed my contract with Westend61. Only today I sent my first few images. A little surprise: They were reviewed within a few hours, and after a quick correction, two images (Grandmother with grandson … Continue reading